YfDFI Finance claims to be “By the community. For the community” — And now they are putting their money where their mouth is, so to speak.

The vision behind this new and exciting DeFi Solutions project is to become the first ever, fully functioning, circulating economy. Today they have taken yet another important step toward this end with the announcement of the first redistribution of all staking fees collected to-date via their staking platform. The original plan was for all profits to be redistributed into the ecosystem once all solutions had been developed. …

YFD’s governance platform, DFI.Governance, is due for release on the 12th April 2021. VOTX token will be used to power the platform is. Two accompanying platforms will be released next week to kick off token distribution for VOTX — The New Earnings Program will comprise both a staking platform AND a farming platform.

The two new platforms will provide not only the effective distribution of the VOTX token for use within our Governance system, but also a very lucrative short term income to all YFD holders who utilize them.

Staking Platform The VOTX Staking Event will offer stakers a weekly…

The last few months of Q1 were a time for getting our heads down and working tirelessly on product development. Our loyal community have been very patient during this period. Now all of the hard work is about to pay off.

In this article we discuss YFD’s progress to date, and roadmap for Q2 in detail.

YFD is cryptocurrency’s first entirely community-driven DeFi solutions project. What started as an experimental concept devised by several DeFi enthusiasts, has now blossomed into a fully functioning decentralized financial ecosystem. …

Here we briefly discuss the launch of our new website and commencement of the rebranding process.

Our Time Is Now

Our new project name and logo have been finalised now for over 2 weeks, and we cannot keep our community waiting any longer. Following the community vote to choose our new logo, we immediately began work on the new website and at the same time submitted the required edits to the various platforms we are listed on — Etherscan, CoinGecko, CMC, etc.

Timing is a crucial factor that must be considered when undertaking a major change such as the rebranding of a project. We…

YFD is quickly becoming a household name within the crypto community. This article summarises some of our achievements so far, provides updates on our rebranding campaign, as well as our farming and staking platforms, and also sets out what our community can expect in the near future!

In the 4 short months since our conception, YFD has achieved much more than most other DeFi projects ever do. This is thanks to our amazing and loyal community members, our diligent admins, our tireless community managers, expert ‘in-house’ devs and ever-expanding allegiance of expert contributors. We are all evidence to the fact…

Our Farming platform has just gone live. This article will provide you with all the details you need to start farming now.

Our Farming platform has just been released. The full audit report has been received and all contracts have been found to be ‘well secured’. Hacken are the leading cybersecurity firm within the crypto space, which is why we at YFD have chosen them to carry out the audits on all of our smart contracts before adding them to our ecosystem. …

Our farming platform is about to go live. All details are laid out within this article. Happy Farming!

Our Farming platform will be released this Wednesday 20th of January. The farming contracts full audit report has been received and the contracts have been found to be ‘well secured’. Hacken are the leading cybersecurity firm within the crypto space, which is why we at YFD have chosen them to carry out the audits on all of our smart contracts before adding them to our ecosystem. …

In this article we will look at our new partnership with Crust Network, discuss why have we chosen Crust and how they will add value to our ecosystem.

Secure and rapid data storage is one of the most crucial components of an efficiently-functioning ecosystem, such as that which YFD is in the process of constructing. Once complete, our ecosystem will provide users with a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), a SWAP protocol, Banking, Insurance and Investment Platforms, as well as Farming and Staking Platforms. The sheer quantity of data that will be held across our various platforms will be immense. …

Staking fees taken to-date are being injected back into the community by way of a special staking event. Read on to find out how to take part.

Everything has now been finalised for the much anticipated special staking event in collaboration with Ferrum Network. All details are as follows:

Start date: Wednesday the 6th of January at 15:30 UTC

Finish date: Saturday the 23rd of January at 15:30 UTC

Staking reward: 10% interest weekly, awarded at maturity date (23/01/2021)

Minimum stake: 1 YFD

Maximum stake: 30 YFD

Staking Cap: 500 YFD (only 500 YFD can be staked on the platform…


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